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Artificial grass is expensive, right?

You’d be surprised to find out that an artificial grass surface can save you thousands of dollars and thousands of hours. How is that possible?

Well, have you ever sat down and taken account of how much money you spend to keep (or attempt to keep) your lawn looking beautiful year round?

Don’t worry, we hadn’t either until we started this business!

On top of that, for those of you who do your own landscaping, have you ever taken the time to account for how much of your time is spent taking care of your yard? Nope, we definitely hadn’t done this either!!

Just the other day we did the math.

It took me two and a half hours to mow and trim my front and backyard. That equals six and a half hours per month from about March through October and then roughly an hour twice per month from November through February.

That works out to about 60 hours, minimum, spent on taking care of my yard 😳in just one year!


Imagine, our family could have been hanging at the beach, or not have turned down all those awesome parties our friends were throwing.

The reality is, you are likely missing out on all kinds of fun just to take care of your yard!

Yea, exactly … so why do we do it?

Well, because, nobody told us that there was a better solution. One that gives your home that perfect, yard was just cut and trimmed look, every day, all year, for many many years.

Artificial grass has come a long long way since the early days. More realistic colors, stronger, better, and safer materials that not only looks great but is one that you and your family can actually enjoy year-round without dealing with pests and allergens and more importantly (for me, lol) no maintenance!

Curious about what it might cost or what you could save?

We built a tool for you to find out and dropped it right here in this post!


Click ‘Find out how’ below to get an idea of how much money and time you could be saving by investing in an artificial grass lawn.


The above result is a general estimation and may not represent your unique installation. We understand this and we are dedicated to finding the perfect solution to create a landscape design that you can actually enjoy for many years to come.

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