A Yard Actually

Made For Pets

Allergen Free | Pest Free | Mud Free
Do you struggle to keep your house clean from your pets coming in and out?
Fire ants, fleas, and other pests make it so that your dog can’t play in your yard?
Tired of trips to the Vet due to your pet’s allergic reactions to your lawn?

Take Your Weekends Back!

Maintaining a perfectly manicured yard shouldn’t get in the way of spending quality time with your family.  Artificial Grass Co. wants you to have your weekends back by replacing your existing outdoor surface with a beautiful, low-maintenance yard.  Artificial grass is environmentally friendly and safe for you and your family.

Clean Pool & Mud-free Home

The landscaping around your pool doesn’t need to get in the way of you enjoying a relaxing weekend splashing with the kids or telling old stories with your friends. Artificial Grass Co. wants to help keep that pool clean and your house mud free by surrounding it with a gorgeous maintenance and mud free surface. Artificial grass is a practical and pinterest worthy addition to any pool and spa area.

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