A Private Putting Green

To Dial In Your Short Game

Water Free | Fertilizer Free | Maintenance Free

Are you ready to shave a stroke or two off of your handicap and become the envy of all your neighbors!?

What better way to get in a little practice or entertain guests on the weekends!? Whether it’s a simple fun putt or a true roll artificial green that can hold chip shots, we can deliver.
Undulating Greens
Give your putting green a dynamic and challenging feel.
Green Speed
‘Stimp’ rating of 8 – 11
Avid Golfers
Both owners are former professional athletes and former scratch golfers!
10 Yr Product Warranty
Fully backed by Shawgrass a Berkshire Hathaway backed organization.
3 Yr Warranty
Installation Warranty backed by the only local “in-house” installers.

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