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Yes, we do that too…

By February 6, 2020August 12th, 2022No Comments
Project Details

Pool makeover and more...

This project was our last install of 2019 and ran right up to Christmas break. We were contracted to demo and reinstall an entry pathway and pool deck utilizing a Gator Base install (ask us about what that is). We also installed the pool and spa coping, a complete drainage package, two separate turf zones, and while we were at it…a gas fire pit.

This project required a heavy round of demolition and working with a few unique trades to address additional remodel plans. As with any project in Winter Park, we worked through a handful of surprises but ultimately wrapped up over 3,500 s/f under foot install utilizing an Old Chicago brick for the front path. For the pool deck, coping, pathway to dock, and spa tile we sourced a silver travertine. And for the turf we installed both an in-lay pattern and a flush to spa zone.

This was one of the most complex projects we’ve taken on and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product. As a result we have now added a complete landscape design service to our offerings and will be booking complete remodels all year. If you are looking for a one stop shop that won’t sub out the labor, we are your guys!

Project Stats


Days To Complete


Square Feet of Hardscape and Turf Installed


An estimated total project investment for a similar custom install including all add-ons.
Pool Deck Demolition Image

Pool Deck Demolition

It’s a messy job, but somebody has to do it. That being true doesn’t mean, however, that everything gets destroyed in the process. We always take great care in preserving the area as best we can including a daily cleanup/organization to keep things in order through this messy process.

What’s Under Your Pavers?

We have three quality levels available when it comes to your hardscape and this client went with the best. In Florida there are a lot of issues that we’ve come across when it comes to the stability of the pavers installed.

That is why we have always promoted a Gator Base install that virtually eliminates “sinking” on your pavers for the life of your install. Whether concrete, clay, or natural stone this is the ultimate option available for getting rid of call backs and frustrations related to “spot fixing” your pool deck, patio, or path.

Gator Base Image
Brick Path Picture

Old Chicago

This recycled brick path required a lot of special attention to ensure a long lasting installation that would stand the test of time. A huge upgrade from the original concrete pavers, we couldn’t be happier with how this part of the project turned out.


The client was able to bring their backyard in to the 2020’s with this amazing Silver Travertine in an Ashlar Pattern. As with the path in the front yard we used a Gator Base installation but added a Polymeric Joint Sand to avoid any joint lip issues and control weeds/water flow.

Travertine Pool Deck Image
Pool Coping Image

Travertine Coping

When it comes to pool coping you absolutely have to consider your layout and that means including a little bit of math. Our Co-Founder took this one on personally and crushed this complex coping layout. No bunching, clean lines, no joke…he seriously nailed it.

Turf Inlays

Not all turf inlays are created equal…we always suggest using one full piece of turf to reduce the amount of seams. And more importantly we do our turf inlays (cutouts) this way so that the blades all fall the same direction. This ultimately gives a more natural and uniform aesthetic.

Turf Inlays Image
Travertine Walkway Image

Travertine Walkway

More than meets the eye on this simple path from the pool deck to the dock. As with any slab path we take in to consideration a natural gait for an adult so that your feet are always hitting a hard surface…bet you have never thought about that before? We also mortared these in place so that you don’t have to worry about them shifting from the elements over the years.

Gas Fire Pit

This is something new to our product offerings. Custom prefab cabinets come ready for the gas company to hook up and to keep you warm on those Florida winter months!

Fire Pit Image

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