An Outdoor Surface
You Can Actually Enjoy!

Only the highest quality turf and pavers installed right, the first time.

Are you spending too much money on watering your lawn?
Do you struggle to keep up with your yard maintenance?
Are you tired of paying landscapers that don’t get it right each time?

Our Surfaces


Environmentally friendly and safe for kids and pets an artificial grass lawn is virtually maintenance and water free.


Zero watering, mowing, or fertilization needed for dialing in your short game right in your back yard.


Keep your pets clean and healthy by minimizing exposure to pests and allergens while also eliminating dead spots in your yard.


An artificial grass surface can keep your children clean and safe with our lead free and UV protected grass.


We also install paver; patios, walkways, and driveways to complete your entire landscape and hardscape project!

Why Work With Us?

16 Yr Ltd Warranty
Up to double the average industry warranty for artificial grass products.
Increases Drainage up to 400% over traditional backings.
Double strength weave and no moisture absorption.
SilverBack™ Backing
5x More Durable and up to 153% Stronger than our competitors backing.
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Is artificial grass right for you?

Artificial grass is expensive, right? You’d be surprised to find out that an artificial grass surface can save you thousands of dollars and thousands of hours. How is that possible?
Well, have you ever sat down and taken account of how much money you spend to keep (or attempt to keep) your lawn looking beautiful year round? Don’t worry, we hadn’t either until we started this business!
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