Artificial Grass

Installation Estimator

Bet you didn't know...

We don't sub-contract our work!

That means an owner is on site and
responsible for a quality install every time!

Step 1

Walk-through our automatic estimator based on the area and how you plan to utilize the specific outdoor space.

Step 2

If the range displayed is within your budget for the project, schedule an at-home consultation right on our calendar. This is where we’ll confirm area, introduce our unique turf, and discuss all of the details that are unique to your project.

Step 3

Once we’re aligned on your vision we will submit a final estimate for your consideration. We will ask you to make a decision to move forward on site. Assuming you’re ready to work with Artificial Grass Co., we’ll submit a deposit for 50% of your project to secure and install window and materials!

A premium install

you can trust.


the base work to ensure a lasting turf surface


drainage for our turf and base to puddles


of sq. ft. installed by our team nationwide, we know what we're doing
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Well, have you ever sat down and taken account of how much money you spend to keep (or attempt to keep) your lawn looking beautiful year round? Don’t worry, we hadn’t either until we started this business!

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